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Demonitization of Coins Announced by the Ministry of Finance


Withdrawal of Demonitized Coins


      Ministerial Regulation Number 127, 1995 (B.E. 2538), issued in accordance with the Currency Act, 1958 (B.E. 2501), Section 13 bis.The demonetization of circulated old coins announced by Ministerial Regulation No. 127, B.E. 2538 (1995), and the Ministerial Regulation on the Withdrawal of 5-satang Aluminum Coins, B.E. 2551 (2008), issued in accordance with the Currency Act, B.E. 2501 (1958) 


Regulation Items Face Value Weight Diameter
Cupro nickel copper coins 5 baht 12 grams 29.5 mm

Number 127, 1995

 (B.E. 2538)

White metal-clad copper coins (cupro-nickel) Platinum coins 5 baht 12 grams 30 mm
Issued in accordance with Cupro nickel coins or white metal coins (copper- nickel) 1 baht 7.5 grams 27 mm
The Currency Act Platinum coins or white metal coins (copper- nickel) 1 baht 7 grams 25 mm
1958 (B.E. 2501) Aluminum coins 50 satang 4.9 grams 4.9 grams
Aluminum coins 25 satang 2.8 grams 2.8 grams

Demonetization of 5 satang

aluminum coins B.E. 2551

Aluminum coins 5 satang   0.6 grams   16 mm

Those in possession of the withdrawn coins listed above can exchange them for banknotes or other coins at the Burean of Monetary Management, the Treasury Department, or at other places specified by the Treasury Department, namely the six main Coin Management Center of the Provincial Treasury Office in Chiang Mai, Nakhon Sawan, Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani, Songkhla, and Surat Thani.

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