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Icon1.gif  Rules and Regulations for the Exchange of Mutilated Coins 

The Currency Act, B.E. 2501 (1958), as amended, describes the features and provides rules and regulations for the exchange of mutilated coins (following Sections 12 and 13) and the Ministerial Regulations further provides rules and procedures for the exchange of mutilated coins, B.E. 2548 (2005), as follows,, in brief:


Features of Defaced Coins The Rules and Regulations for the Exchange of Defaced Coins
1. A coin which has been reduced in weight by more than twice of the metal content through natural wear (Section 12 (2)) - can be exchanged for its full face value (Section 13 (3)).
2. A coin which has been cut, struck, beaten, or in any way damaged so that its form or its surface is changed or its weight reduced (Section 12(1)),

- can be exchanged for half its face value (Section 13 (2)) following the rules and regulations, and procedures specified in the Ministerial Regulations, 2005 (B.E. 2548) as follows:

(1) The design on the obverse and the reverse must be visible and it must possible to identify the denomination of the coin.

(2) The coin may not be reduced in size by more than forty percent and the weight of the coin may not be lower than 60 per cent of its original weight.

(3) No more than forty percent of the original outer rim of the coin may be worn out for and the weight of the coin may not be lower than 60 per cent of its original weight. If the defaced coin does not meet the criteria stated in sections 1-3, it cannot be exchanged.

3. Defaced gold, silver or polished-die coins - cannot be exchanged (Section 13 (1)).


           As for the defaced coins described in number 2 above, the value of the coins to be exchanged for banknotes or other coins must have a total value of at least 25 satang.

Mutilated defaced coins are only resumable through the Burean of Monetary Management and Coin Management Center as follows:

Central Region

                         1. The Burean of Monetary Management, The Treasury Department, Paholyothin Road, Pathum Thani, Tel: 02-565-7945 Fax: 02-565-7952

                         2. Coin Museum, The Coin Exchange Unit, The Treasury Department, Chakrabongse Road, Bangkok, Tel: 02-282-4109-10 Fax: 02-282-4110

Other Regions

                        The six main Coin Management Center, the Provincial Treasury Office in Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Sawan, Surat Thani, and Songkhla.

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