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Thai decorations

Origin of the Royal Decorations

          Symbols of honour and meritorious deeds, regalia have been created by royal commend to be bestowed on offcials with good services. They can be in the form of a star or a medal to be displayed either on the jecket/formal dress or on a sash after the European fashion.
          Thai decorations date back to ๑๘๕๗ when King Mongkut, Rama IV, commanded that two Three-headed Elephant Stars for himself and two for King Pinklao be created following the design of the ancient royal seal featuring the god Indra"s mount Airavata.
          During ๑๘๕๘ -  ๑๘๕๙ , the king commanded that a Nopharat Star (Nine-jewel Star) be created for himself and three for member of the royal family. The star is studed with nine types of
   gemstone, namely diamond, emerald, topaz, black sapphire, zircon, pearl, garnet, cat"s eye and ruby.
In ๑๘๖๑ , the White Elephant Star was created by royal command. This was to be bestowed on senior-ranking Thais as well as foreigners with good services.
It is to be noted that this set of Thai decorations was the very first in Asia.      

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