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Icon1.gif    Mission Statement

The missions of the Bureau of Royal Thai Mint are as follows:

       To produce enough circulating coins to meet the demands of the economic system.
       To produce commemorative coins for various important historical occasions related to three institutions, namely the nation, religion, and the monarchy, or for important international events.
       To produce royal orders and decorations, medals, and custom-made products requested by governmental agencies, state enterprises, and the private sector.
       To install and repair vault doors and maintain master keys system for safes for various sections of the Bureau.

Icon1.gif  Missions of Certain Sections


1. General Administration

The Section of General Administration is responsible for the general administrative work of the Bureau of the Royal Thai Mint that has not been assigned to any particular group or section. This encompasses correspondence and paperwork, library, human resources, training and seminars (both domestic and international), health and welfare of employees, security, occupational health and the work environment, enforcement of work rules, management of the security system, management of buildings and utilities, and management, of the transportation system.


2. Business Development

         The Section of Business Development is responsible for the requisitioning needed items from government agencies and from the private sector (both domestic and foreign); customer service; marketing plan and sales promotion; increasing business opportunities; receiving payments; paying expenses; pressing claims for payment; monitoring and checking information about the price of metals packaging materials, and other raw materials in order to issue appropriate requests for proposals from suppliers; collecting and studying information from various media to design new products; attending domestic and international seminars to expand business opportunities and provide alternatives for clients; chairing meetings of the Coins or Medals Advisory Committee; preparing project proposals and requesting royal permission to manufacture commemorative coins and medals; preparing projects and submitted them to the Bureau of Legal Affairs in order for ministerial regulations to be issued; managing the souvenir shop, the learning center, public relations, radio broadcasting, and providing guided tours for both domestic and international individual and group visitors; ensuring that the exhibitions in the learning center are dynamic and up-to-date at all times; maintaining audiovisual aids; and conducting customer relation activities and other activities for important occasions.


3. Procurement and Stock Management

The Section of Procurement and Stock Management is responsible for procuring supplies as indicated in the Estimated Working Capital for the Production of Coins and Products in the budget that the director of the Bureau of the Royal Thai Mint has been authorised by the Director-General of the Treasury Department, due to the Regulations of the Office of the Prime Minister on Procurement, B.E.2535 (1992) and the amendment of the Regulations. The Procurement and Stock Management is also responsible for safe keep, distribution, control, storage, and transportation of coin blanks, finished coins, defective coins, and dusky coin; as well as safe keep, distribution and storage of valuable metals, coin mould, medals; disposal of medals of inferior quality, defective coins, and dusky coins. This section also deals with destruction, casting, or cleaning defective coins; disposing of unneeded objects and materials; checking the durable goods and assets belonging to the Bureau; and performing other duties as instructed.


4. Revolving Fund

The Section of Revolving Fund is responsible for the management of finances and accounts for the production budget, the financial budget, estimate for income and expenses, planning and control of income and expenses, collection of revenue arising from the production of custom-made products, preparing and maintain financial records for the Working Capital for the Production of Coins and Products, and managing the accounts for the welfare fund of the Bureau of the Royal Thai Mint.


5. Planning and Information Technology

The Planning and IT Section is responsible for monitoring all stratigic and planning analysis to be adopted analyzing and planning production procedures for coins in circulating, commemorative coins, medals, royal orders and decorations, and made-to-order products; managing and ensuring that the production process follows the plan for improving the production process; as well as IT management .


6. Quality Control

The Section of Quality Control is responsibility for studying and analyzing the required characteristics of the metals used for the production of coins at present; collecting and analyzing information to prepare for the use of new metals in the future; as well as doing the final check on the products and samples sent for laboratory check and maintain control on the criteria; calibrating the measuring instruments used in the production system; and provide an appropriate quality control system for the process.


7. Design and Drawing

The Section of Design and Drawing is responsible for designing, drawing, composing patterns and letters on circulating coins, commemorative coins, medals with ribbons, medals, royal orders and decorations, medals of honor, and custom-made products; creating posters, brochures, coin certificates, packaging, and other types of printed media; ensuring the highest and effective quality in the layout and illustrations for books related to coins by employing modern technology in designing and drawing; as well as responsible for other tasks assigned for various important occasions.


8. Crafting and Moulding

The Section of Crafting and Moulding is responsible for moulding, decorating, and making die for circulating coins, commemorative coins, medals, medals with ribbons, royal orders and decorations, medals of honor, and custom-made products; as well as producing the symbols for buildings owned by the state throughout the country.


9. Die Making

The Section of Die Making is responsible for producing and analysing proper dies for circulating coins, commemorative coins, royal orders and decorations, medals of honor, and made-to-order, with its engineering and scientific knowledge to improve modern and effective production procedures for high quality die.


10. Blank-Making

The Section of Blank-Making is responsible for coin blank production by melting and casting metals, polishing metal surfaces, rolling metal sheet, cuttingcoins blank, cleaning, monitoring , casting for  manufacturingmachinery engines, cleaning process of die error coins, and packaging as planned and instructed.


11. Coin-Striking

The Section of Coin Striking is responsible for the striking of circulating coins, commemorative coins; counting and packaging; as well as the striking of royal orders and decorations, medals of honour, and made-to-order products as planned and instructed.


12. Crafting

The Crafting Section is responsible for monitoring the production of royal orders and decorations, medals of honor, commemorative medals and made-to-order products; the processes of cutting, drilling, forming and shaping, and coating, making special parts, coloring, diamond embedding, blowing, burnishing, surface carving, diamond cutting, carving of inscriptions, as instructed.


13. Product Management

The Section Product Management is responsible for controlling the production of royal orders and decorations, medals of honor commemorative medal and made-to-order products; the process of copper mould, toned copper, frosted toned copper, lacquering, polishing, metal-coating, annealing, assembling, sewing of ribbon bars, and finished product packaging as instructed.


14. Electrical Engineering

      The Section of Electrical Engineering is responsible for management of planning, controling, supervising, monitoring, and analysing the system of electrical maintenance; maintaining the electrical and electronic system of the production equipment; repairing the infrastructure of the Bureau of the Royal Thai Mint, i.e., the electrical power system, electrical communications, electrical lighting, the cooling system and the air compressor systems of equipment, the central and room air-conditioning systems, the fire detection and prevention systems, the gas detector system, the wastewater treatment system for both the factory and the community, etc, so that these systems are at all times in good working order and meet the standards for each system; as well as providing advice about technical issues regarding the electrical system for other sections.


15. Mechanical Engineering

        The Section of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for management of planning, controling, supervising, monitoring, and analysing systems for maintenance and repair of the machinery, equipment, and the entire infrastructure of the Royal Thai Mint. Moreover, this section takes care of the manufacture of equipment and spare parts, the installation and repair of vault doors and safe deposit boxes, gives advice on the specifications for new machinery both in terms of technical issues and instructions on use of the machinery, as well as provide the efficient solutions to high-technology machines and equipment to improve the production process and decrease production costs.

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