Date Post :  14-03-2015

State Property

                Registration of State Is the official document prepared by the Department of Treasury, Ministry of Finance vice. For the registration of the land in question. For the   purpose of the rule is   maintained by the Registrar of State classification based on the use of the 4 categories: 1) Registrar General. For the registration of land and         buildings of the State in which the property is planted in the land of the common property, or the type of the property is used for land especially 2) Registration for the registration of private buildings. The building is located on land that is not the immovable 3) Registration industries. For the registration of land and buildings to take advantage. For industry 4) public registry. For the registration of land and buildings to take advantage of public citizens shared.

The immovable property of the Government of Thailand abroad

               The land is the property of the Government of Thailand. Located within Treasury ownership Abroad for the State Property Ministry of Finance holds the same ownership. But not considered to be immovable. Storage of Documents and Registration Department of the Treasury, Ministry of Finance. The original document storage and filing of property rights. Using the rule of maintenance to the State Department. Or government agency with the authority from the Ministry of Finance. Who is responsible Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the purchase, the buyer for the ministry of foreign or other government agencies. The purchasing of a government to government, the case may be. The government will authorize the transfer of real estate transactions and the sale of exchange. The alienation Or provide benefits (if any) shall be fixed by the board of directors, consisting of the President, Secretary of the Treasury. Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Representatives Budget Office Government representatives The possession and use of the Department of the Treasury Board and a director and secretary. Shall be submitted to the Cabinet for approval. To complete the sale, exchange, transfer, distribution or supply of property in the possession of the government. And the benefits do not want to take advantage of the property that anymore. The Government has made a proposal to the Cabinet Committee directly. Once approved by the cabinet. The Finance Ministry will appoint the head of government or those assigned by the head of the government to proceed when you're done, the Government shall notify the Ministry of Finance of the revenue generated from the operation. it must be submitted to the state revenue.

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