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        To be the major assets management organization of the state with the good governance principles.

         1. Manage the State Property in the most efficient way that yields economical, social and evironmental benefit.
         2. Appraise the property value with the best international practices.
         3. Manage the coins supply to meet the demand of the country"s economy.
         4. Preserve the Grand National Treasures with the best conservation principle to bereadyfor display.

 Icon1 Objectives
         1. To utilize the State Property in a feasible way that can add value to the country"s economy.
         2. To support a sustainable quality of life and environment for the society, the community and the citizens.
         3. To establish the property valuation on a single basis nationwide that reflects the fair market price.
         4. To optimize the technology and innovation for coin production and management.
5. To conserve and display the Grand National Treasures in order to promote the country"s arts and cultures.

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